Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Electricity cross-platform tool for Linux and Apple OS/X

This blog entry is about our new Electricity product we are releasing and why. Electricity is a replacement for CodeWeavers' CrossOver at a lower cost with the same functions of the Professional version. We believe part of our success is providing cross-platform independence and needed a replacement for the application. We are releasing Electricity since CodeWeavers has ended our business relationship. We have actually been working with them for quite some time, since around 2003 or 2004 I believe. I also believe that both companies wish each other the best, as I truly do them, and much success in the future.

We will be releasing our Electricity version for Linux initially and MAC OS/X on Intel within the next 45 days, although our lead is telling me sooner – I always like to play it safe. We've had a lot of comments from our Partners asking that we provide it free of charge with the Basic, and Stagecoach versions of our operating system and believe we will now provide it as part of the Basic and Stagecoach systems with no additional cost. Our price point is only $19.99 for the application, which we believe will allow all Linux and OS/X to have the product at a very low cost.

Technalign's mission is to provide a total solution to consumers and business and has been our model since we started in March of 2002. Electricity now represents the solution that we needed to fill the gap from CodeWeavers, and we believe we will improve the product and the product will also continue to improve. The dev team is also working on providing better gaming support to the community, and that was something we had asked about for quite some time from CodeWeavers. The first release, of course, will be basic as listed on the Electricity pages, but as updates continue, we will start pushing these out to the users.

Of course, our first 100 beta testers will get a free serial number for updates to Electricity. If you haven't placed your hat in the ring for the beta, there is a form available to you to get on that beta list and the beta list server. The forums are a great place to add your comments, or what you would like to see in Electricity for both Linux and Mac OS/X.

In order to let as many people have Electricity as possible, it will also be available on LinSpire's CNR when released. I believe LinSpire's CNR will be a big leap for companies and individuals running Linux. We also include CNR's client on Pioneer Explorer and Renegade, our community distributions. At the low-cost of Electricity, there shouldn't be any reason not move to the Linux operating system or for that matter OS/X on Mac.

I just want to thank everyone who uses Pioneer, and I hope each of you will work with us, even if it's to let us know what we're missing, to make Pioneer, Electricity, and any products we work on better.

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