Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally back with something to write about

It's been awhile since I blogged and think it's pertinent that I say something finally.

As you may know we moved to Idaho from Wyoming about 6 months ago and we all love our new home with a decent workforce. It seems that Wyoming didn't have the resources needed to grow the company and get it moving in the right direction for expansion and limited resource for programmers. Idaho offers us more with excellent resources in many areas. A lot of things have been happening here in Idaho as the company has settled in from it's move.

Well we've made additions to our supported telephone lines with the snom phone line. I just had to blog our feelings on the phones along with what our partners are seeing right now. We reviewed these phones with some skepticism at first since they were inexpensive and we were thinking they didn't have market share in the US like Polycom. The techs here liked Polycom and Grandstream phones while others liked Aastra, probably because they used to work with Nortel. snom was kind enough to send us sample phones and these phones and when the techs got their hands on them they had a field day. Remember, we have 3 lines of telephones here that are green technology. snom is a green phone also with a lower power consumption than any of the phones on the market. Combining a snom phone with a green series VoIPTelCaster PBX now means your organization will truly be running green.

Compared to Polycom, the snom phones were a very high unit at a very reasonable cost and with features we believe to exceed the Polycom line. Compared to Polycom support, snom was a winner there also without the need to partner directly with Polycom. Our techs were excited how easy they were to provision and having the ability to make changes to the telephones without having to reboot the phone. In comparison to Polycom the phone matched or exceeded our expectations in terms of usability, performance and support.

The bottom line is Technology Alignment is providing direct support for the snom telephones versus the other manufacturers that work with our system. This means that the snom line allows our partners a single point of contact using VoIPTelCaster with the snom phone lines. In comparison our partners were required to partner with Polycom to get any support. We still support Polycom on VoIPTelCaster, but we do not provide any direct support on the Polycom line.

There's more coming and I'll be writing more as we continue.

Thank you,